Let’s be honest, surgeries are scary and are seen as a last resort when it comes to treating muscle ailments. The idea of having your body cut open and operated on is less than ideal, and not something we ever want to undergo unless absolutely necessary.

PRP injection therapy, on the other hand, makes use of the body’s natural healing potential to treat musculoskeletal injuries and disorders. The biological components used (i.e. the PRP extract) are taken from the patient’s blood and injected back in their body. This triggers a natural healing response inside and helps speed up the process.

So, what makes PRP therapy a better option than surgery?

Fewer Risks Involved

Let’s start with the fact that PRP treatment is a minimally invasive procedure, unlike surgery. This automatically lowers the risk of the treatment procedure as compared to surgery. There is rarely a risk of infection or another post-procedure complication arising after PRP treatment, unlike how it is with surgery.

However, this isn’t the only reason why PRP has fewer risks associated with it. Since the procedure is autologous, it also eliminates the chances of tissue rejection or injection caused because of a foreign body. Thus, there are almost zero risks associated with PRP treatment and the method is considered to be safe for everyone, apart from individuals with certain medical conditions.

Quicker & Efficient

You know how it takes surgeons hours to perform a procedure? This isn’t the case with PRP treatment. Not only is the procedure fairly simple, but it also requires only a few minutes to be performed. Typically, a PRP treatment session takes between 20–30 minutes, although the time may vary from patient to patient.

Unlike how it is in case of a surgical procedure where usually the patient is first given some form of anaesthesia and has to be prepped for the procedure, no such steps are necessary for PRP therapy. You needn’t wait several hours to get through the treatment procedure!

Less Expensive

Let’s admit it; surgeries are expensive! Even smaller surgical procedures can cost a dime, in contrast to PRP treatment which is significantly less expensive. This means that when you opt for PRP, you’re paying a reasonable amount for a quicker, less risky, and widely effective treatment!

Less Recovery Time

Did we mention the low recovery time involved in PRP treatment? Considering the efficiency of the procedure, it doesn’t come as a surprise that PRP therapy has a short recovery period. You’ll be up on your feet right after getting injected, and can continue doing your everyday activities for the most part. There may be some bruising or swelling initially, but this subsides shortly afterwards.

With surgery, you’ll typically be prescribed a period of bed rest, and depending on the nature of your procedure, you may have to undergo a period of rehabilitation ranging from a few weeks to months.

Not only is PRP treatment extremely effective, but it can also help you avoid surgery by healing the injured muscles and tissues before the situation worsens. RegenerVate Medical Injection Therapy in greater Toronto offers PRP therapy for treating a variety of musculoskeletal injuries.

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