De Quervain’s tenosynovitis is an inflammation of the tendons present in the wrist. These tendons are responsible for the movement of the thumb from the hand. The inflammatory condition causes a sharp, shooting pain in the wrist, near the thumb. It also makes it difficult to perform actions that involve gripping things or twisting your thumb and wrist.

A number of strengthening exercises can help with De Quervain’s tenosynovitis. These include:

Wrist Flexion

Take a can or a jar and hold it in your hand with the palm facing up. Gently bend your wrist, moving it upwards. Repeat the exercise by reducing and increasing weight. The latter should be done when your tendons begin to heal and you feel stronger.

Wrist Extension

In contrast to the wrist flexion exercise, in this case you hold a weight in your hand with the palm facing down. Now bend your wrist and pull it upwards. Fluctuate the weights as discussed in the aforementioned exercise and repeat multiple times.

Opposition Stretch

Place your hand (palm up) on a flat surface, e.g. on a table. Now move your thumb and your little finger upwards, such that the tips touch each other. Hold the position for a couple of seconds before letting go. Repeat this exercise multiple times for it to be effective.

Grip Strengthening

This simple exercise is specifically designed to test your grip. Hold a soft rubber and squeeze it gently. Hold the position for about 5 seconds. Gradually increase the force being exerted, as well the time for holding the position. Repeat this a few times.

Wrist Radial Deviation Strengthening

Stretch your arm, with the wrist positioned sideways and the palm facing inward. Your thumb should be pointing upwards. Do this exercise while holding an object, for e.g. a can. Now gently lift your hand upwards, with the wrist bending up and the thumb also rising towards the ceiling. Make sure you aren’t moving your forearm while performing this exercise.

Finger Spring

Take a large rubber band and place it around your fingers and thumb. Now slowly stretch your fingers, causing the rubber band to stretch as well. Do this a few times for it to take effect.

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