Fat Transfer procedures are typically 1 hr. PRP alone is about 30min.

You will be retained for about 10 minutes to ensure you feel well. You are then free to leave, and should be accompanied by another adult. We strongly advise that you do not drive that day.

For most people, there will be some initial swelling and discomfort in the injected area, but this is usually easily managed with basic movement. In some, pain medications like acetaminophen (Tylenol) can be needed but only for a few days. Do not take antiinflamatories like ibuprofen, Advil, naproxen or Aleeve as these drugs interrupt the reactions we are trying to promote.

Up to 6 months can be needed after a Fat Transfer procedure and up to 3 months can be needed after PRP to realize maximum results.

Yes. For any injections of the leg, you will be able to walk, and we encourage you to do so.

Movement is key. Simple range of motion exercises can help tremendously, like heel slides for hip and knees or pendulums for the shoulder. Therapy should start within 1 week which is very important for promoting your recovery. You can also take pain medication like acetaminophen (Tylenol) if needed.

We currently do not know how ice/heat will affect regenerative injections and suggest you stay away from icing/heating the area.

Inflammation is a normal result of regenerative injections and also something we want to allow. Stopping these medications is very important, and we advise minimum 3 days prior.

You will have waterproof band-aids in place. They need to stay on for 5 days. You can have a shower, but try not to aim the water directly onto the band-aid. If you feel you need to change the band-aid, take the old one off, pat the area dry, and place a new one on. Just ensure that the area(s) are kept dry and covered for 5 days or until the wound is fully healed and without any scabbing.

You will need to bring a sleeveless shirt for the shoulder and a pair of loose fitting shorts for any leg injections. All other areas can be injected without special clothing.

You can walk and do range of motion exercises immediately. Formal exercising can begin 72 hours after your injection

You will need to start therapy within a week, and this will average 2 times a week for 6-8 weeks.

No. We use local anesthetic (freezing) in all areas being worked on.

You will be provided with a detailed instruction sheet. Please ensure you review these instructions at least 1 week prior to your procedure.

No. All fees for these procedures are private and paid for out of pocket.

You can immediately move, walk and do range of motion exercises. After 72 hours you can start activities such as riding a stationary bike or using the elliptical, and even lifting weights on the non injected parts. At this point you want to use pain as your guide. If you start to have pain, hold back a bit for a day or two then again slowly increase the amount of activity each day.

Yes. We have supplement packages that we encourage you to take. You can also make some lifestyle changes to increase your chances of effectiveness like quitting smoking, losing weight, increasing activity and changing your diet to a low carbohydrate diet. For most people a low carbohydrate diet helps lose weight and also helps reduce the stimulus for tendon and joint degeneration.

We use gentle suction to harvest the fat from your buttock (mini-liposuction). Then, we clean and concentrate the fat.  Finally, we mix PRP with your fat and inject It into the area using ultrasound guidance.

These procedures are not covered by any Government Health plans.  Rarely, a private insurance plan may contribute, such as a ‘Cost Plus’ plan . But most of the time, fees for these procedures are private and paid out of pocket.  They maybe tax deductible as these are medical procedures…speak to your accountant.

You will see some bruising on the fat harvest area.  This is normal and will take a few weeks for the bruising to heal.

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