Meet Our Injection Therapy Specialists.

RegenerVate physicians, including sport medicine doctors and orthopedic surgeons, are injection therapy specialists, and are trained in multiple facets of injections in order to provide the safest, most effective relief to our patients. The safety and accuracy of our regenerative medicine procedures is our number one priority, which is why we use guided injections only (ultrasound or fluoroscopy).

Continuing education on injection therapy is also a priority for all of our doctors. Our physicians attend annual courses, conferences and seminars, with the ongoing goal of being on the leading edge of regenerative medicine.


Douglas Stoddard
MD, M Sport Med, Dip Sport
Med, ES
Sport Medicine and Regenerative
Injection Physician
Medical Director


Stephen Reed
BM BCh MA(Oxford)
MA(Toronto) FRCSC
Regenerative Injection Physician
Staff Orthopedic Surgeon

Medical Injection Program Director

Joana Rocha