Joint ache is a debilitating reality for hundreds of Canadians. Whether it’s your “bad knee” that’s causing you discomfort or your shoulder joint that feels stiffer by the day, joint pain has a nasty way of limiting your range of motion and impacting your quality of life.

Have you been experiencing aching joints lately? This may be why.

You May Have Osteoarthritis

The most common reason for persistent joint pain is osteoarthritis, a chronic degenerative condition that weakens the cartilage. It causes the cartilage to break down, increasing the friction between the bones as they rub against each other directly. This results in bone bruising, swelling, and joint pain.

Osteoarthritis mainly affects individuals over the age of 50. However, it also affects younger individuals who overuse their joints. For example, if you’re in your thirties and actively participate in sports and athletic activities, your chances of developing osteoarthritis (and consequently joint pain) are higher than somebody else your age. Similarly, occupational activities that involve overused joint activity also contribute to this.

It May Be Because of Worn Out Tendons

Cartilage degeneration isn’t the only thing that causes joints to ache. The state of your tendons also affects the likeliness of experiencing joint pain.

Tendons are fibrous structures in your body that hold the muscles to the bones. They’re present in several joints and provide cushioning between the muscles and the bones. Repetitive motions and overexertion cause the tendons to become worn out and sustain tears.  They also lead to them becoming inflamed. When this happens, your joint feels stiff and sore, and you may also experience joint pain. Tendinitis is a common condition brought upon because of this.

You’re Following a Poor Diet

Many people underestimate the importance of a healthy, well-balanced diet in regulating joint health. If your diet comprises inflammatory foods, then you’re at risk of having joint pain.

Certain foods are known for the detrimental effect they have on the hip, elbow, and knee joints. These include foods rich in saturated fats and sugar, as well as fried foods. Limit your consumption of soft drinks and junk food like candies, cookies, doughnuts, as well as fast food. Replace these with fresh fruit and vegetables and whole foods.

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