It’s that time of the year again! Winter is here, and that means the special winter sports we love and enjoy so much are in full swing!

While the list of winter sports played in Canada is endless, here are the top three sports that have a special place in our hearts.


You can’t not talk about hockey when discussing Canada’s most popular winter sports!

Considered to be the country where the game was born, hockey (otherwise known as ice hockey) is the biggest sport played in Canada, and has thousands of fans and enthusiasts.

As popular as it may be, however, hockey is also a major contributor to sports-related injuries. Ankle sprains, shoulder injuries, and ACL and PCL tears are particularly common among hockey players, be it amateur or professionals.

That hasn’t stopped the massive following the game receives in Canada. Come winter and there’s quite an uproar with the many hockey games being held throughout the season!

Downhill Skiing

Next up, we have downhill skiing, which is a fast-paced form of this sport. It includes various skiing options such as mountain skiing, extreme cat skiing, and heli skiing. Downhill skiing has been a favourite winter pastime for Canadians for years, and this isn’t likely to change anytime soon! However, the sport does bring its own share of muscle injuries.

Skijor & Dog Sledding

Another Canadian winter specialty includes skijor and dog sledding.

Skijor is essentially a more interesting version of cross-country skiing. It involves the skiers to be pulled by one or more dogs or horses. The animals are strapped to harnesses with a rope connecting them to the skiers’ own harnesses.

As one pushes their poles and skis to propel forward, the dogs or horses speed up the process by pulling the skier forward at an even higher pace.

Dog sledding is yet another sport that involves animals pulling the athlete forward. Instead of skiing, here you can sit back and enjoy the sled ride as the dogs pull you forward. All you need to do is yell “mush”!  

As much as we love winter sports, there’s no way around the injuries that they tend to cause. Even with protective gear and equipment, musculoskeletal injuries are inevitable, often having severe consequences. However, these can be treated fairly easily with the right procedure to alleviate the pain, heal the injury, and reduce the recovery time.

At our regenerative therapy center, we provide PRP injection therapy services to help athletes recover from sports injuries sustained during the cold season. Our platelet rich plasma injections are extremely safe to use and accelerate the healing process by stimulating the body’s natural healing response.

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