Platelet Rich Plasma treatment is used to treat a variety of musculoskeletal conditions and has proven to be extremely effective. Here’s what you should know about the eligibility criteria for this procedure.


Individuals of any age are eligible for PRP treatment.

Blood Status

While there aren’t any restrictions regarding one’s blood group, anyone with low platelet numbers or bleeding disorders will need to be screened by their doctor.


There are no bad candidates for PRP treatment…only better candidates.  The truth is anyone, regardless of their health, CAN respond to PRP therapy.  However, the better your health, the more likely you will respond.  For instance, people who smoke, have diabetes or other chronic diseases like thyroid disease or cardiorespiratory illness, are going to be less likely to respond.

PRP injections are most commonly used to treat musculoskeletal conditions such as knee osteoarthritis. However, for you to qualify for the treatment, there are a few things related to your specific condition that must be considered.

For starters, PRP therapy is usually suggested for patients whose daily activities are affected by osteoarthritis. It’s also particularly beneficial for candidates who don’t want to opt for steroid injections, or for whom that treatment hasn’t worked. Similarly, if you’ve had little to no success with anti-inflammatory medications, then PRP injections are a good treatment option for pain relief.

Possible Reasons not to have  PRP Treatment

When it comes to PRP treatment, there are few disqualifying factors.

Cancer /Metastatic Disease: Metastatic cancer (cancer that has spread and is therefore being transported in your blood)maybe a situation where the injection is deemed not to be a good idea.

Thrombocytopenia: Low blood platelets can reduce the effectiveness of the treatment and therefore your doctor may think you aren’t likely to get a great result.

Septicemia (blood infection): Using a patient’s infected blood may ‘seed’ other parts of the body with harmful bacteria.

Antiplatelet Therapy: A person undergoing antiplatelet therapy would be an unsuitable candidate for PRP injections due to the drugs blocking the numbers and function of platelets.

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