With  advancement in medical technology, stem cell injection therapy has gained much popularity over the years. Stem cells are used to treat various health conditions and diseases, speeding up the healing process along the way. In addition to this, though, the method of treatment also has other advantages that make it stand out.

Minimizes Risks & Complications

As a minimally invasive procedure, stem cell therapy poses minimal risks during and after the procedure. This means that the person undergoing the procedure has little to no chances of experiencing a health complication.

The stem cells used in the procedure are derived from the patient’s adipose tissue or bone marrow. These are then further cleansed and centrifuged to concentrate the sample. Since the biological component used is taken from their own body, the procedure is said to be autologous. In other words, instead of relying on donor stem cells, the body’s natural healing potential is utilized for treatment. This reduces some of the risks and threats that would be otherwise present, such as tumour growth, which has been reported in some procedures that have used stem cells from a donor.

There also isn’t a risk of transmission of disease from the donor to the patient. Additionally, the non-surgical nature of the process eliminates the complications that may arise post-surgery, making stem cell therapy a safe procedure.

Eliminates the Risk of Rejection

Owing to the autologous nature of the treatment, there isn’t a chance of the stem cells being rejected by the patient’s immune system. The body doesn’t register the biological concentrate to be a suspicious, foreign composition. Thus, the injected components are effectively taken up by the body and reach the affected site to stimulate the healing process.

Doesn’t Require General Anaesthesia

If you’re afraid of going under the knife and being put under general anaesthesia, then stem cell therapy is the perfect alternate for you. The procedure doesn’t require patients to be anesthetised while they receive treatment. This also means that the procedure isn’t painful or invasive for you to need anaesthesia in the first place!

Lowers Recovery Time

Often the recovery time post treatment is more exhausting than the treatment itself. This is especially true for surgical procedures, which can have you bedridden for days to weeks and leave behind scars that may never fade.

With stem cell therapy, this isn’t an issue. Not only is the procedure performed within an hour, you can also continue with most of your regular activities once it’s over. You’ll be discharged from the clinic almost instantly and for the most part won’t be prevented from resuming your favourite activities.  This is starkly different from how it is after you undergo surgery and have to cope with extensive post-surgery care practices to fully heal.

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