Chronic joint pain isn’t common among senior citizens and older adults. It manifests in different ways, often presenting as a symptom of arthritis. As you age, your muscle groups lose their flexibility and strength. This can lead to recurrent or persistent pain and stiffness in your joints.

The good news is, joint pain can be prevented through a number of stretching exercises. Here’s a look at a few of these exercises that you can try at home.

Calf Stretches

Calf stretches are helpful for reducing the muscle tightness in your ankles. They are also particularly effective for allowing you to squat down while maintaining your balance. Calf stretches can be done in a standing position against a wall.

Start by standing straight such that you’re facing the wall and place your hands against the surface. Make a right angle with your legs, positioning one in front of you with the knee bent. Keep the other leg behind you in a straight position, i.e., without bending the knee. Press your heels gently to the floor and keep your feet and hips pointed straight ahead.

Hold this position for about 30 seconds before switching legs and repeating the motions. You can also perform this exercise while seated as per your comfort level.

Shoulder Stretches

As you get older, your shoulder joint is prone to injury, muscle weakness, and tightness. Using these seated stretching exercises, you can prevent the muscles from stiffening up and causing pain and discomfort, without having to move around excessively.

Scoot ahead near the edge of your seat so that you have room to reach behind your back and lock your arms around the chair. Next, anchor your position by moving forward slightly to allow your shoulders to stretch forward. You can do this for both of the shoulders at a time, or take turns with either shoulder.

Repeat the motions a few times to improve shoulder mobility. However, take care not to overstress your muscles and avoid injuring them further.

The Hula Hoop

This exercise is exactly what it appears to be, minus an actual hula hoop ring. It’s designed to boost the mobility in your hips and reduce joint stiffness.

A fairly simple exercise, this requires minimal effort and is extremely easy, especially for older adults. Start by standing straight with your feet placed together. Next, keeping both of your hands on your hips, circle the hips a few times in a clockwise direction. Follow this motion by then circling your hips in an anticlockwise direction. As you “hula hoop” your way through this exercise, try not to move your shoulders and concentrate solely on moving your hip joint.

While these stretching exercises are great for preventing injuries, sometimes muscle stiffness and pain are inevitable in old age. RegenerVate Medical Injection Therapy helps older adults get pain relief through PRP injection therapy.

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