Cell therapies have come a long way since they were first introduced in medical practice. Amongst these is PRP therapy, which has become a popular choice of nonsurgical treatment for individuals who wish to avoid surgeries and other invasive procedures.

Recently, however, the credibility of PRP injection therapy was put under major scrutiny. Here’s what Health Canada has to say about the alternative treatment form.

Cell Therapy: An Unsafe Form of Treatment?

Earlier this year, on May 15th, Health Canada issued a policy position paper outlining the potential risks and dangers of autologous cell therapy. The health body warned Canadians about existing clinics where unauthorized cell therapies, including stem cell therapy, have become common practice. The body emphasized that these unauthorized procedures aren’t only unsafe, but also haven’t been proven to be ineffective and therefore pose health risks that may be life-altering or even life-threatening.

As per the specifications made in the Food and Drugs Act, cell therapies are considered drugs.  This means that they absolutely need to be authorized by Health Canada before they can be performed. Since most places that claim to offer safe and effective stem cell therapy and other cell therapies don’t have Health Canada’s approval, this makes their procedures a little less than reliable. These include autologous cell therapies such as bone marrow aspirate concentration (BMAC) injections and adipose-derived stem cells (ADSC).

What Does This Mean For PRP Therapy?

Individuals seeking platelet rich plasma therapy can take a sigh of relief. After issuing their statement in May, Health Canada followed this with another statement in July clarifying their stance on PRP treatments.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments, as outlined by Health Canada, are not the same as other cell therapies despite them being autologous procedures as well. As a result, they aren’t subject to Health Canada’s statement regarding autologous cell therapy products. The PRP component used in these is prepared according to FDA regulations since it’s:

  1. Conducted by health practitioners—professionals who have the permit and the authorization to prepare as well as administer PRP;
  2. Obtained from the patient’s system, i.e. is an autologous procedure; and
  3. Administered back to the same individual

If these conditions aren’t met, then special authorization from Health Canada is required for the procedures.

So, how can you receive reliable PRP treatment in Canada? This is where the team at RegenerVate Medical Injection therapy comes in.

About RegenerVate

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