Work-related shoulder pain is a growing concern among Canadians. It’s one of the most common musculoskeletal ailments observed in Canada, and may affect individuals from all occupations. It particularly affects individuals who have desk jobs and lead a sedentary lifestyle because of the nature of their work.

Here’s how you can prevent shoulder pain while you’re at work.

Sit In a Natural Position

If you’re spending most of your day at your desk, the last thing you want to do is sit in an odd and uncomfortable position. Your body should be relaxed as you do your work, not hunched and stressed.

Make sure your workstation allows for a natural and healthy posture. Adjust the height of your desk to align your elbows and shoulders evenly. It’s important that you maintain a good posture to avoid shoulder pain and stiffness. Don’t slouch, even if it feels more comfortable at the moment. You may not realize it then but this can actually hurt your shoulders and result in shoulder soreness later on.

Change Your Position

Of course, it’s impossible to stay seated the same way for a prolonged period. This is why you should alter your sitting position every few hours to avoid feeling fatigued and sore.

For instance, you can invest in a stand-up desk and work standing up for a while. Similarly, you can adjust the height of your desk or chair to change your position. That said, make sure you’re still maintaining the correct posture and not rounding your shoulders.

Take Frequent Breaks

Prevention is better than cure, and taking frequent breaks during the day can prevent you from requiring shoulder pain treatment. Take short, 10-minute breaks every hour to stretch your shoulder joint and refrain from exerting pressure on it. You can utilize this time to eat lunch, speak with a colleague, make yourself a cup of coffee, or simply refresh your body and mind.

Change How You Answer the Phone

If you make quite a few phone calls each day at work, then this might contribute to shoulder pain as well. You’re likely to spend a considerable amount of time balancing your phone between your shoulder and your ear. This hunched posture can lead to shoulder pain eventually.

A simple hack for preventing this is by getting a headset. This way, you won’t have to cradle your phone between your head and your shoulder. Alternately, make it a point to answer all your calls holding the phone firmly with your hand instead of multitasking and balancing it on your shoulder.

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