Stem cells, due to their versatility and ability to differentiate into any cell, are used for a variety of applications. They’re being tested in scientific experiments ranging from facilitating the growth of lab-grown organs to understanding diseases and debilitations like Parkinson’s, or even permanent blindness.

Our own clinics employ stem cells via injection therapy & regenerative medicines to stimulate healing, as well as tissue and muscle regeneration, utilizing the body’s own self-healing properties.

But this clinic in India is manipulating stem cell therapy in a way that isn’t being done anywhere else in the world – and maybe for good reason.


Nutech Mediworld clinic claims they’re using stem cells to treat Down’s syndrome, the most common chromosomal condition in existence. A permanent, incurable disease, the clinic says they’ve treated up to 14 people to date.

“As far as we know, it’s the first time that stem cells have been used to treat Down’s syndrome,” says Jyoti Titus, manager at the clinic in New Delhi, India.

The news, which one would believe would bring affinity to the clinic’s work, has only delivered antipathy. Independent stem cell researchers and Down’s experts alike simply don’t see the correlation between stem cells and treating Down’s, which is a genetic disorder caused by an extra chromosome (Chromosome 21).

“The use of these cells does not make biological sense, and may place the babies at considerable risk of side effects,” explains John Rasko from the International Society for Cellular Therapy.

Clinically-tested stem cell technologies & therapies are only now slowly starting to arrive in consumer markets. But, there are hundreds of clinics across the world offering stem cell treatments which are unvetted by regulatory watchdogs.

Geeta Shroff, Nutech’s medical director, for one, does have a patent from 2007 that suggests the cells from the clinic could help with over 70 conditions, including Down’s, Alzheimer’s disease, and even vegetative states. Shroff published her own study in which she claimed a baby with Down’s syndrome developed a keener understanding, improved limb muscle tone, and the ability to recognize family & familiar faces, after stem cell treatment.


Even with that ‘study’, stem cell researchers & experts are adamant that Nutech falls under the unregulated, dodgy type of stem cell clinic, offering empty promises to fill their coffers.

“There’s no comparison to similar individuals with Down’s syndrome, and no indication this therapy had any effect whatsoever, so the author has no basis at all for saying the injections were beneficial,” says Elizabeth Fisher at University College London.

Titus disagrees.

“He started babbling and crawling, and his facial features underwent a change,” said the clinic’s manager. “[The infant] continues to develop age-appropriate skills.”

Shroff’s study detailed the process where she injected the stem cells, taken from a donated embryo, into the child’s blood stream, back muscles, and under the skin, as well as administering a nasal spray.

“There’s no obvious way in which this treatment would have worked,” piped Victor Tybulewicz at the Francis Crick Institute in London.

Why? Tybulewicz explained that for the stem cells to have any effect, the neural cells must be injected into the brain, which Shroff failed to do according to her report.

“The author appears to have no idea of where [the cells] are going, or what they’re doing,” added Fisher. “It’s even worse now we know they’ve treated 14 patients, not just one.”

Titus assures the public that the details of the biological impact Nutech’s stem cells have will be revealed in a study that’s already been submitted for publication. For example, the report explains due to how the cells are manufactured, the cell recipients don’t need immunosuppressants.

Again, Tybulewicz found flaws in their affirmations.

“I expect the most likely outcome of the injections would have been that they were recognized as foreign and eliminated by the immune system,” he said simply.

Regardless of which side is correct, the fact remains Nutech reportedly charges $5,000 to $6,000 for their ‘revolutionary’ stem cell treatments & therapies. They continue to insist they’ve treated incurable conditions like spinal cord damage and cerebral palsy, with Down’s syndrome being the latest permanent illness they’ve miraculously reversed.

Hopefully, the patients paying for these treatments are getting the help they need, rather than overpriced hope.

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