3 Signs You Should Get a Consultation For PRP Treatment

PRP treatment is one of the most popular forms of alternative medicine. It’s widely recommended by physicians and eagerly sought by individuals because of its minimally invasive nature. Should you consider getting PRP therapy? If you experience any of the following, yes! You’re Suffering from Chronic Joint Pain Chronic joint pain is an unfortunate reality for older Canadians. It becomes even more unbearable when the pain is persistent, returning every few months with the same intensity as before. If you’re experiencing chronic pain in your knee, shoulder, elbow, [...]

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Who Is PRP Therapy Recommended For?

PRP therapy has burst onto the professional sports scene in recent years, being used to treat elite athletes such as basketball legend Kobe Bryant, golf icon Tiger Woods, and now tennis star Rafael Nadal. Even though the treatment has been around for several years, it’s only now starting to gain popularity as an alternative therapy. It’s minimally-invasive, effective and requires little to no downtime. So what is PRP treatment used for? And who should opt for it? We’ve answered all your questions here. 1. Older people One out [...]

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How Can PRP Therapy Help Treat Hamstring Injuries?

At the Rio 2016 Olympics, Andre De Grasse became the first Canadian to win Olympic medals in all three sprint events. In 2017, he was all set to dominate the World Athletics Championships, that is until he suffered an unfortunate second-grade injury to his hamstring. The following year, a second injury to his right hamstring cut his season short for good. While he did eventually make a late return that year, he was unable to match his Rio 2016 performance. Despite rest and rehabilitation, the injury had taken [...]

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The Most Common Causes of Osteoarthritis (And What Can You Do About Them)

Osteoarthritis is a progressive joint condition that affects one in six Canadians, according to the Arthritis Society of Canada. It is the most common form of arthritis, with estimates saying that by 2035, the number will go up to one in four Canadians. Early diagnosis can control the severity of osteoarthritis. But for this, people must understand what the symptoms and risks associated with the condition are. That’s why we’ve outlined the common causes and treatment options for osteoarthritis right here. What is osteoarthritis? Osteoarthritis (OA) is a condition [...]

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