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A Closer Look at Hamstring Injuries

Remember two years ago when Andre De Grasse injured his hamstring and had to miss the world championships? It surely was a setback to the sprinter’s career, and although classified as a Grade 2 hamstring strain, it required up to 6 weeks of rehab for the muscle to fully heal. What are hamstring injuries and how do they affect your movement? Let’s take a closer look. Hamstring Muscle Injuries The hamstring muscles comprise a group of three muscles situated at the back of your thigh, which connect the [...]

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True or False: Which Stem Cell Therapy Myths Should You Believe?

The term “stem cell therapy” yields mixed responses. While some people accept it as an innovative medical solution for a variety of ailments, others are more sceptical about the procedure and what it entails. Here are a few common myths surrounding stem cell therapy, debunked: Stem Cells Are Taken From Embryos TRUE/FALSE. Here’s the thing - certain clinics and practices do use embryonic stem cells for their procedures. However, that’s not the case at RegenerVate Medical Injection Therapy. Stem cells can be classified as adult cells and embryonic cells. We [...]

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Understanding Rotator Cuff Tears

Rotator cuff tear refers to an injury of the muscles or tendons in the shoulder joint, which form the rotator cuff muscle group. Studies have shown this form of injury is one of the most prevalent musculoskeletal disorders, affecting millions of individual across the globe. What the Symptoms Look Like The first sign that you’ve sustained a tear in your rotator cuff muscles is a sharp pain in the shoulder. This may worsen if you perform an activity requiring overhead motions, or if you lie on the affected [...]

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