Look, we’ve all been in stagnant relationships. “Romantic” dinners of pepperoni sticks and French fries, and your time in the bedroom being filled with Youtube, Buzzfeed, and Netflix as opposed to anything resembling intimacy.

You don’t necessarily need relationship counselling to get you back on the proverbial saddle. While both PRP and stem cell research have been making waves in the sports medicine, orthopedics, dentistry, and cardiac industries for some time, Platelet Rich Plasma injections are now being used to increase sexual performance and vitality for both men and women.

With that, here are three ways stem cell treatments and PRP injections can not only regenerate your body, but regenerate your love life:


Erectile dysfunction medications have been in the main stream for years. Accompanied by savvy marketing and memorable commercials promising restored sexual glory, they’ve always presented an appealing proposition. But these pills are rife with side effects such as headaches, back pain, diarrhea, and memory problems, to name a few.

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by penile tissue losing elasticity, negatively effecting the organ’s vascularity, leading to dysfunction. That’s where PRP treatment – also known as the ‘P-shot’ – come into play:

  • They take your own blood, place it into a centrifuge, and spin the blood to separate the platelets from the blood. The penis is then numbed for comfort before the platelet rich plasma is injected into the organ.
  • There have never been any negative side effects reported from these specific treatments (unlike over the counter drugs). However, there have been reports of increased vitality, vascularity, girth, and sexual stamina.
  • PRP male enhancement can regenerate function, form, and confidence for men, without the risks of over the counter medications.


PRP injections are also being used to treat vaginal incontinence, dryness, painful sex, anorgasmia, and loss of sensitivity.

The preparation is similar to males, but once the PRP compound is ready, it is injected into the genitourinary tract and the clitoral, urethral, bladder, and vaginal interface. It regenerates normal healthy tissue to repair the muscles, nerves, blood vessels, and mucous membrane in the urethra and vagina. The increase of platelet rich blood flow improves the tone, elasticity, firmness, lubrication, and sensitivity of the area. A single treatment can improve urinary control, clitoral sensation, libido, and sexual function.

15% of women report increases in sexual desires within a day of treatment. Given the use of anesthetic to numb the vagina, this is a pain-and-surgery-free method to rejuvenate vaginal health. It will also eliminates the need for confidence sapping diapers and panty protectors required in the case of incontinence – neither really sets a romantic tone, so to speak.


If the Kama Sutra has taught us anything, it’s that success in the bedroom is predicated on mobile and flexible hips. So, if you’re having issues with an arthritic hip, you may be feeling a little, um, unsatisfied.

Thankfully, scientists have programmed stem cells to grow new cartilage on a 3D, biodegradable synthetic scaffold, moulded into the shape of the ball of a hip joint. It’s then covered with cartilage made from the patient’s own stem cells taken from fat beneath the skin. From here, the 3D scaffold can be implanted onto the surface of an arthritic hip.

Also, by inserting a gene and anti-inflammatory drugs into the new cartilage, it can release the anti-inflammatory molecules to fend off a return of arthritis.

Stem cell therapy for hips isn’t necessarily intended to create sparks between lovers, but it can indirectly regenerate sexual competency by regenerating hip functionality.

Maybe your love life is the least of your concerns, and the P-shot isn’t something on your radar. Sexual vitality isn’t on RegenerVate’s radar to use regenerative medicines and injection therapies either.

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