Musculoskeletal injuries are not just painful and uncomfortable, but they also affect your range of motion. In doing so, they reduce the quality of your overall movement and functioning.

Here are three of the most common musculoskeletal injuries.

Muscle/Tendon Strains

This is a type of injury sustained by a muscle or a tendon (the fibrous tissue connecting muscles and bones). In a strain injury, the muscle or tendon overstretches, causing structural damage. As a result, it may end up losing its elasticity and flexibility. In more severe cases, the overstretching causes the muscle or tendon to sustain tears.

This is an extremely common musculoskeletal injury, affecting many tendons of the body, including the achilles and rotator cuff tendons. Individuals who are physically active are particularly prone to muscle strains due to overexertion

Ligament Sprains

Ligaments are bands of fibrous tissue connecting two or more bones together. They’re responsible for holding them in place within a joint. In a ligament sprain, these bands of tissue are damaged, causing stiffness in your joints and the surrounding region. What differentiates a muscle strain from a ligament sprain is the difference in the type of fibrous tissue that’s affected.

An ankle sprain is the most common injury categorized under this type. This usually occurs when your ankle turns or twists at an odd angle, stretching the ligaments beyond their capacity. As a result, the fibrous bands break or tear, limiting your movement. Tripping over while walking or rolling your foot during a jog can cause ankle sprains.

Ligament sprains range from mild to severe, depending on individual circumstances. Symptoms typically include swelling, soreness, and inflammation of the affected area.

ACL Tears

A more specific type of ligament injury is an ACL  tear. This refers to an injury sustained by the anterior cruciate ligament located in the knee joint and is especially common among athletes who play on fields, like soccer players, or skiers.

In an ACL  tear, the knee ligament is often completely torn,  compromising stability in your knee.  ACL tears are extremely painful, can cause significant distress and discomfort.  See your doctor for any knee injury that results in swelling, and acl tears most often do.

Using Stem Cells for Musculoskeletal Injuries

Although conventional treatment methods includes therapy, surgery and medication, musculoskeletal injuries can also be treated effectively through stem cell therapy. Research has shown that using autologous stem cells, in particular, promote tendon healing and cartilage regeneration. In doing so, they stimulate the body’s natural healing process and significantly reduces pain and discomfort caused by muscle and ligament damage.

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