Hip injuries are some of the most common sports related injuries reported in Canada. In one study, as many as 106 cases of hip injury were reported, which were attributed to ice hockey alone. These injuries varied in nature and severity, but contributed to significant pain and loss of range of motion among athletes.

Here are three of the most common types of hip injuries sustained in sports.

Hip Bursitis

An inflammation of the fluid-filled sacs (or bursae) that provide cushioning to the hip muscles, tendons, and ligaments is known as hip bursitis. As is the case with most other inflammatory conditions, this too is caused by overuse of a joint—in this case, the hip joint.

Hip bursitis causes pain and stiffness of the hips, thighs, and groin, which worsens with repetitive motions. The symptoms are further aggravated when you’re lying on your side, rising from a sitting position, or climbing up the stairs. This form of injury is most common among sprinters and athletes that do a lot of running, but may also be caused by a fall or impact.

Labral Tears

The labrum cartilage is the strand of thick tissue surrounding the hip socket, which supports the hip joint. Degeneration of this cartilage can be caused by repetitive or twisting movements such as those involved in sports, resulting in an injury. Likewise, labral tears may also occur because of a fall or impact.

When this happens, the labrum tissue is pinched, causing excruciating pain. A clicking or snapping sensation may also be felt in the joint, along with groin pain. This can cause limited mobility, which can put you out of the game for a prolonged period unless the right treatment is provided timely.

Hip Arthritis

While hip arthritis isn’t exactly an injury, it’s a common condition faced by athletes due to overuse of muscles or natural cartilage degeneration. In this, the protective cartilage starts to wear down on its own accord, causing joint stiffness and pain.

The severity of hip arthritis varies from athlete to athlete, with some experiencing cartilage degeneration at a much faster rate than others. Since the hip joint is the most important weight-bearing joint in the body, this can interfere with athletic performance as well as day-to-day activities.

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