Carpal tunnel is a constant woe among Canadians. Triggered by the compression of the median nerve, it leads to huge discomfort and pain that may require surgical treatment if not tackled on time.

What causes this condition? Let’s take a look.

Repetitive Motions

The most common reason for carpal tunnel syndrome is repetitive motions carried out frequently. This is mostly seen at workplaces where employees are required to perform repetitive tasks time and again, to the point that the constant flexing of the wrists damages the median nerve underneath.

For instance, if you spend most of your day at work typing, using vibrating tools, or performing motions that cause your wrists to twist repeatedly or sway to and fro (e.g. driving a vehicle & janitorial work), the median nerve in your wrist is likely to get pinched. Before it has the time to heal, you’re back at work, repeating the same motions once again. This cycle causes swelling in the wrist, leading to mild as well as serious cases of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Inflammatory Medical Conditions

Another cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is an underlying inflammatory medical condition that may be causing the wrist to swell up. The swelling leads to impeded blood circulation in the affected region. The tendon lining is also affected by this swelling, compressing the median nerve and causing it to become pinched.

Conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid issues, and even high blood pressure are often risk factors for carpal tunnel syndrome. Getting adequate treatment for these conditions can prevent the onset of carpal tunnel and help treat it as well.

Pressure on the Median Nerve

Pressure exerted on the median nerve is also a contributor to carpal tunnel syndrome. This may be brought on by internal swelling in the passageway that the median nerve passes through. Swelling causes the individual to partially or completely lose feeling in their hand. The longer the median nerve stays compressed, the more severe the side effects can be, one of which is carpal tunnel syndrome. The individual experiencing this is unable to use their fingers properly and feel numbness throughout or at parts of their hand.

You can limit the pressure being exerted on the median nerve by wearing a wrist brace. This allows you to be able to alleviate the pain and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

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