The use of bone marrow as a source of human stem cells has been around for decades. Human bone marrow acts as a natural reservoir of multi-potent stem cells, which play an invaluable role in the healing cascade. These stem cells have the remarkable ability to differentiate into many cell types in our body, such as muscle, tendon, ligament and bone cells. However, during severe or chronic injury, our bodies cannot get enough of these valuable stem cells to the injured area. Stem Cell Therapy using Bone Marrow Aspirate solves this problem by amplifying the number of available stem cells.

The procedure for Stem Cell Therapy using Bone Marrow Aspirate begins with the physician applying local anesthetic to the patient’s lower back and hip, which will numb the area. Once the patient is comfortable and cannot feel the area, the physician will draw a small amount of bone marrow through a needle. This is known as a bone marrow aspiration, and is much less painful than a bone marrow biopsy, which involves the removal of bone alongside the bone marrow.

Once bone marrow aspiration begins, the Bone Marrow derived Autologous
Concentrate (BMAC) solution will be processed in order to maximize the retrieval of stem cells. Upon request, the bone marrow may also be paired with platelet rich plasma in a single solution. This is all done immediately following the bone marrow aspiration and is what we call point of care therapy. Once ready, the BMAC solution will be re-injected into the area of concern under image guidance (real-time fluoroscopy or ultrasound), maximizing the accuracy of delivery.


For an up to date reference list please, visit the US National Library of Congress’ website, devoted entirely to published research on a multitude of topics like stem cells therapy and bone marrow aspiration. In the search window enter ‘bone marrow autologous concentrate AND…’. After the word AND, enter the topic you are interested in, such as ‘bone marrow autologous concentrate AND Osteoarthritis of the Knee’. This will return the currently published list of articles for your review.

To review international research projects on this topic that are currently underway, but not yet completed, click here. Again, in the search window, enter the same search string, and you will be given an up to date list of all such research projects.

Severe or chronic injuries can take forever to heal, but they don’t have to. With RegenerVate’s stem cell therapy, we’ll help by injecting these valuable cells into injured areas for expedited healing. Schedule an appointment today!

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