PRP Really A Better Option Than Surgery?

Let’s be honest, surgeries are scary and are seen as a last resort when it comes to treating muscle ailments. The idea of having your body cut open and operated on is less than ideal, and not something we ever want to undergo unless absolutely necessary. PRP injection therapy, on the other hand, makes use of the body’s natural healing potential to treat musculoskeletal injuries and disorders. The biological components used (i.e. the PRP extract) are taken from the patient’s blood and injected back in their body. This triggers [...]

February 21st, 2020|0 Comments

Understanding What Causes Costochondritis & How It Can Be Treated

Costochondritis is an inflammatory condition of the chest. It affects the cartilage in the rib cage, especially near the upper ribs and the costosternal joint. The condition results in mild to severe chest pain, breathing difficulties, and may even lead to other health complications. What Causes Costochondritis? The exact causes of Costochondritis aren’t known. This condition typically results from a number of factors. These include: Traumatic Injury:A sudden impact or a sharp blow caused by a fall or an accident can result in a chest injury that leads to [...]

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This Is What You Kneed To Do To Boost Your Knee Health

Over 10% of Canadians are affected by knee osteoarthritis, which is a degenerative condition of the cartilage at the joint. Osteoarthritis (and other knee conditions that cause knee pain and stiffness) can easily be prevented if you follow the right health strategies. Here’s what you should do to improve your knee health. Exercise (Even When You Really Don’t Want To) We’ve all heard the age-old advice of incorporating exercise in our daily routines. Physical activity can help improve your overall wellness in various ways, be it lifting your spirits or [...]

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