Try Injection Therapy to Reduce Pain and Promote Healing in Upper Leg Injuries

RegenerVate Medical Injection Therapy  treats:
  1. Hip Tendon Pain and Hip Flexor Pain/Tears
  2. Hamstring Tendon Pain
  3. Quadricep and Hamstring Muscle Tears
  4. Groin (Adductor) Tears

Using Injection Therapy for Hip Tendon Pain and Hip Flexor Pain/Tears

Hip flexor pain coming from one of the hip flexor tendons/muscles in the front of the hip is common in individuals doing explosive running, like track athletes, field sport players (football, soccer) and court sport players (basketball, tennis). Sometimes, these muscles/tendons tear, either suddenly, or over time an ongoing tear or general hip flexor pain can be remedied with RegenerVate Medical Injection Therapy .

Using Injection Therapy for Hamstring Tendon Pain

This problem is very common in runners, especially those who are over 40. Hamstring tendon pain can be aggravated with sitting, hamstring stretching and running. Tears are sometimes present, but degeneration in the hamstring attachment to the pelvis is consistent. Targeted injection therapy can stimulate repair and ease hamstring tendon pain.

Using Injection Therapy for Quadricep and Hamstring Muscle Tears

A quad muscle tear can happen suddenly with explosive running or chronic overuse, again, typically seen in runners. As the tear tries to heal, scar tissue can form, which sometimes produces chronic pain. Early intervention with injection therapy can help stimulate normal muscle regrowth and avoid the growth of excess, pain producing scar tissue around the quad muscle tear.

Using Injection Therapy for Groin (Adductor) Tears

A pulled groin or tear can happen when the leg suddenly slips sideways, often during a fall on a slippery surface, or during repetitive strain activities like hockey, running and soccer. These are painful, mimicking the pain associated with a hip joint injury. A pulled groin or tear responds well to injection therapy.

Whether you're an athlete who needs their explosiveness back in their legs, or just need some relief from hip flexor pain, RegenerVate Medical Injection Therapy  can stimulate repair and rapid recovery. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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