Try Injection Therapy to Treat Degenerative Disc Disease and Your Spine

RegenerVate Medical Injection Therapy treats:

  1. Lower Back and Neck Arthritis/Degenerating Disc Disease
  2. Epidural Injection Alternative
  3. Rib Pain
  4. Back Pain and Spinal Surgery Alternatives

Using Injection Therapy for Lower Back and Neck Arthritis/Degenerating Disc Disease

Wear and tear of the spine is common, and is known by many names, including Degenerating Disc Disease (DDD) and arthritis in lower back. This is an evolving process of wear and tear, with stiffening mixed with loosening in the spine, combined with pinched nerves, all leading to lower back pain. Injection therapy directly into discs can be performed, along with injection into important ligaments to strengthen the spine, reducing lower back pain and easing arthritis in the lower back.

Using Injection Therapy as an Epidural Injection Alternative

An epidural injection of cortisone is often used to try to calm down the pain due to disc injuries and pinched nerves. Unfortunately, while cortisone is a good anti-­inflammatory, it is also degenerative, sometimes weakening soft tissue. RegenerVate Medical Injection Therapy strengthens soft tissue and joints, and can be a better choice in many cases.

Using Injection Therapy to Treat Rib Pain

Rib pain can be due to problems in the joints where your ribs meet your spine, called the costotransverse joints (CTJs), or rib joints. Injection therapy around these joints can help alleviate any rib pain.

Using Injection Therapy as an Alternative to Back Pain and Spinal Surgery

Spinal surgery is a big undertaking. Sometimes, there is no choice. When there is, injection therapy is a more conservative and far less risky option to relieve lower back pain.

The spine is one of the body's more sensitive areas when dealing with arthritis and degenerative disc disease. Spinal surgery is a major procedure, and one that should be avoided if possible. RegenerVate offers less risky options via regenerative medicine contact us to learn more!

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