Deal With Knee Pain, Tears, and Arthritis Using Injection Therapy

RegenerVate Medical Injection Therapy treats
  1. Quadricep Tendon Pain and Tears
  2. Patellar Tendon Pain and Tears
  3. Knee Arthritis and Knee Joint Replacement Alternatives
  4. Meniscal or Cartilage Tears

Using Injection Therapy for Quadricep Tendon Pain and Tears

This tendon is above the kneecap, and when injured, produces chronic pain with climbing or descending stairs, running and jumping. Quadricep tendon pain or tears can be successfully remedied with RegenerVate Medical Injection Therapy options.

Using Injection Therapy for Patellar Tendon Pain and Tears

This tendon is below the kneecap, and when injured is nicknamed 'jumper's knee'. Patellar tendonitis is a common injury in basketball, volleyball and track and field athletes. It's also seen in knee arthritis as there can be more force placed through this tendon due to an abnormal gait when arthritis is present.

Injection Therapy as an Alternative Treatment For Knee Arthritis

The knee joint is commonly affected with arthritis. RegenerVate Medical Injection Therapy can reduce the pain and stiffness of knee arthritis, and can help postpone, or even completely prevent, the need for joint replacement knee surgery.

Using Injection Therapy for Meniscal or Cartilage Tears

A meniscal tear is a common source of pain in the knee, and these injuries are seen from teenage to senior years. As we age, these meniscus tears can be stubborn and rarely heal. If symptoms persist in these situations, injection therapy is the therapy of choice. Losing cartilage, which is often what happens during knee surgery, will predispose your knee to earlier osteoarthritis as you age. Avoiding this is paramount, and the younger you are, the more important this is.

Don't cut out your meniscus until you look into RegenerVate Medical Injection Therapy options! Contact us to learn why how our regenerative approach can save you from knee joint replacements and surgery.

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