Try Injection Therapy as an Alternative to Hip Replacements or Surgery

RegenerVate Medical Injection Therapy treats:

  1. Arthritis and Hip Joint Replacement Alternatives
  2. Labral Tears

Injection Therapy For Arthritis and Hip Joint Replacement Alternatives

Hip arthritis is very common since it's a principal weight­bearing joint in the body. Injection therapy for hip joint pain provides a non­surgical alternative and can delay the need for joint replacements in those that prefer to avoid hip surgery. Injection therapy can reduce stiffness and hip pain, improving day­to­day function.

Using Injection Therapy for Labral Tears

Labral tears of cartilage in the hip can be debilitating, but can respond well to RegenerVate Medical Injection Therapy. Consider this option before hip surgery, and always avoid cortisone in these labral tears cortisone is degenerative and will not deal with the actual problem.
Before resorting to hip joint replacements or hip surgery, contact our RegenerVate specialists to learn about alternative regenerative medicine and our injection therapy treatments.

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"Three of my referrals are thrilled with the results, especially Jim, who was doing some renovations on our home last summer. His hip was so bad he could barely move.  When he was here a couple...

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