Stomping Out Foot Pain With Injection Therapy

RegenerVate Injection Therapy treats:

  1. Plantar Fasciopathy
  2. Foot or Toe Arthritis
  3. Bunion Pain

Using Injection Therapy for Plantar Fasciopathy

Plantar fasciitis is a stubborn problem that can produce chronic heel pain despite therapy, orthotics, weight loss, name it. Sometimes, there is a tear in the plantar fascia that won't heal, even with conventional interventions. Injection therapy can stimulate repair in these tears and ease the pain of your plantar fasciitis.

Using Injection Therapy for Foot or Toe Arthritis

Like any weight bearing joint, the joints of the foot can become arthritic, often producing pain and stiffness. Targeted injection therapy can help overcome the pain of arthritis.

Using Injection Therapy for Bunion Pain

This degenerative condition of the first toe 'knuckle' often results in a large bump on the inside of the joint, with deviation of the big toe toward the baby toe. Pain and stiffness can result from bunions. RegenerVate Medical Injection Therapy can help relieve the pain and stiffness of these bunions.

Get the spring back in your step with RegenerVate Medical Injection Therapy treatments. Contact us today and stomp out that foot pain!

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