Treating Chest Muscle Pain With Injection Therapy

RegenerVate Medical Injection Therapy treats:

  1. Pectoralis Muscle and Musculotendinous tears
  2. Chronic Breastbone and Rib Joint Pain (Costochondritis)
  3. Sternocostal Joint Pain and Arthritis

Using Injection Therapy For Pectoralis Muscle and Musculotendinous Tears

These injuries can be career­enders for power­lifters. It can also affect other active weight trainers, and the injury is usually sustained during a bench press or while pushing something heavy. These tears are not candidates for surgery, but injection therapy needs to be considered early for optimal recovery.

Using Injection Therapy For Chronic Breastbone and Rib Joint Pain (Costochondritis)

Postural abnormalities can result in chronic on around the breastbone (sternum) and the rib joints that attach there. Called 'costochondritis' or 'Tietze's Syndrome', this pain is often confused with heart attacks, stomach/esophagus problems, and lung problems.

Using Injection Therapy For Sternocostal Joint Pain and Arthritis

These are the joints that connect the collarbone to the breastbone (sternum). Trauma to the collarbone or constant pressure on these joints resulting from various exercises or postural problems can result in ongoing chest muscle pain. There are no surgical solutions for these conditions, though injection therapy can be very helpful. Don't let any chest muscle pain, tears, or costochondritis stop you from going to the gym. Early injection therapy treatments can allow for optimal recovery, so don't wait! Contact one of our RegenerVate locations today!

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