Treating Your Calf and Lower Leg With RegenerVate Medical Injection Therapy

RegenerVate Medical Injection Therapy treats:

  1. Calf Muscle Tears
  2. Shin Splints

How Injection Therapy Can Help Calf Muscle Tears

Calf muscle tears commonly happen in runners, or anyone who runs in their sport. If large enough, or if associated with a chronic tear, pain may be ongoing. RegenerVate Medical Injection Therapy can relieve these lower leg pain conditions.

Treating Shin Splints With Injection Therapy

Shin splints is a painful condition on the edges of the shinbone, usually on the inside. Often seen in runners, chronic pain in the shins can result and significantly impair one's ability to run. Once the diagnosis is clarified, and especially if chronic, RegenerVate Medical Injection Therapy is a useful approach that can provide healing stimulus to the lower leg pain.

Tired of running from that lower leg pain? RegenerVate provides healing to painful leg conditions like shin splints or and calf muscle tears. Schedule an appointment with us now!

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